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Customer Protection

We are committed to conducting business in a moral and ethically responsible manner. We built this system after years of experience helping people of all backgrounds and ages with their homes. We have found this process makes sure our customers are informed and prepared to make the best decisions. We also require all employees to go through rigorous training, background checks, drug testing and continuous senior sensitivity training.
We take pride in servicing our customers and being part of the community we service. We also want to make sure all our customers make the best decision for themselves, families and homes when they need HVAC repair and servicing.

Six Step Customer Protection Plan

3 Options

After a thorough diagnosis of the problem our technician will provide at least 3 options, one of which is to do nothing, and let the customer choose the option that best fits their needs.

All our quotes are complete

We provide all–inclusive quotes with no guess work. If it takes us longer to complete the work than estimated, we don’t charge the customer.

3 Day Right to Cancel

We strictly follow the law that customers have a 3 day right to cancel, even though we start the job immediately. We inform the customer of this right, provide them written details of it and have them sign off that they understand it.

Confirmation Calls

When a repair or replacement is over $1,500 we do a customer care confirmation call. We do this to make sure the customer has complete clarity of the project and understands the price, scope of work, their rights to cancel, warranties, and if they want to include someone else in the decision process.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

All our work has a satisfaction guarantee. If something doesn’t meet the customers’ expectations, we will do the right thing until they are happy.

We do the job right

We follow up with the customer. We call, email and send satisfaction surveys to make sure the customer is happy, if anything is questioned or challenged we address it immediately.

We've got your back

We give you a free flashlight when we come to your home.